Delivering optimal care through clinical process management

Clinicians have one primary objective: to deliver the best possible care to patients. Your data performance should support that goal. Following EHR platform migration, the clinical process often changes; patient histories or other data is still on legacy systems, requiring clinicians to spend additional time logging into disparate systems. This wastes time and contributes to challenges in finding all the data necessary for patient care decisions.

Boston Software Systems assists in clinical process management with a solution built on our robotic process automation (RPA) platforms and healthcare-focused RPA technology. Quick Click™ provides a single view of patient information from multiple applications. It combines the benefits of not having to remember multiple logins for various systems or search for patient data. It enables clinicians to get complete information they need quickly.

Simplifying clinical process management, Quick Click helps to:

  • Drive adoption of the new EHR platform by having all Quick Click points start from the new system
  • Support sun-setting of legacy applications as Quick Click insures no system interruption
  • Provide staff with a simple way to access information from legacy systems so new system use is seamless

By removing the burden of signing into and searching for a patient’s clinical, historical and billing information in multiple approaches, clinicians finish their fact-finding quickly and apply data insights immediately to patient care.

Contact us for more information about this clinical process solution and download the information here. Boston Software Systems can make a positive, significant difference in the migration / post-migration processes of your new EHR platform. We will collaborate with your organization to optimize use and ROI of your new EHR platform plus develop and execute a strategy so you can exit your legacy EHR platform to reduce complexity and cost.  Our RPA / bots technology is stable, error-free and precisely quick to keep your clinical informatics and other healthcare data applications productively responsive.