EMR / EHR data automation: before, during and after healthcare data migration

Working smarter, faster and more productively are primary goals of EMR / EHR data automation:

If you are planning a data migration to a new EMR / EHR system or looking for ways to optimize an existing system, Boston Software Systems helps you achieve optimum data workflow automation. We’ve engineered powerful robotic process automation (RPA) platforms that allow for movement of any data in a clean, clear, auditable and efficient way. Use of our bots technology ensures 100% accuracy, more efficient staffing and reduced costs with solutions designed to meet your timeline.


  • We help you assess healthcare data your physicians, clinicians and business staff need to be productive on day one of the go-live
  • Our work in your SUP, CERT and test environment provides clear auditable results before moving data to the production environment – ensuring 100% accuracy

Post-Migration we help optimize and automate the processes your organization relies on to maximize productivity including:

  • Creating simplified access to patient data in legacy systems
  • Accelerating claims processing
  • Performing mass data uploads and data reconciliations

Automation helps you control processes during planning, migration and go-live of your new EMR:

It empowers you to manage your implementation timeline and provide the data necessary to deliver optimal patient care and employee satisfaction on day one. Moving forward, our bots / RPA technology serves as a digitized workforce for your organization, lowering costs and complexity while enabling your staff to concentrate on patient care and strategic administrative responsibilities.

Contact us to discover how EMR / EHR data automation improves productivity in every department of your organization.