Materials Management, Inventory, Purchasing: Optimize Data Workflow, Reduce Expenses with RPA

On a global basis, Boston Software Systems and our partners have worked with hospitals and health systems to reduce expenses and optimize data workflow processes for purchasing, pricing, inventory control, materials management, logistics and supply chain. Our data automation software solutions / bots cover an array of needs to accomplish the healthcare mission of delivering advanced patient care at lower cost.

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices / capital equipment, IT / computers, furnishings, cleaning / maintenance supplies, facility fixtures, food and beverage, replacement parts and a range of other items / services have to be carefully managed. Considerable staff, financial, technical and time resources are required to facilitate purchasing, inventory and materials management; robotic process automation (RPA) technology can accelerate and economize these operations.

Products, supplies and materials used by hospitals and health systems must be:

  • Budgeted / planned for
  • Identified / evaluated / approved / negotiated / contracted for
  • Coded / priced / entered into databases requiring ongoing updates
  • Ordered / inventoried / distributed / accounted for / replenished
  • Returned / replaced if out-of-date or defective / credited
  • Cost-assigned, charged when used in procedural patient care or sold on premise

RPA / bots are a pivotal resource to execute exchange of data for purchasing, inventory and materials management stakeholders. RPA is a digitized workforce that consistently facilitates ongoing processes 24/7 through peaks and troughs of patient care demand.

Since 1985, we and our partners have worked with hospitals and health systems to enhance these and other business automation processes:

  • In-house charge distribution system
  • Purchasing, materials management, supply chain administration, logistics
  • Inventory control, pricing updates
  • Vendor management data
  • Facility operations data

Download these white papers and case studies; learn about optimizing data workflow and reducing expenses of purchasing, inventory and materials management with RPA / bots:

  • Healthcare RPA purchasing and materials management applications
  • Hospital / health system financial, organizational and operations complexity
  • External stakeholders / supply chain members
  • RPA application strategy, implementation, results and ROI