Materials Management

The Key to Efficient Materials Management:

Based on the sheer variety of departments, items, processes, and the 24/7 operating model of hospitals and health systems, materials or supply chain management is in constant motion and so is its data. Boston Software Systems is the only RPA company with a 30 year focus in healthcare. Our automations run thousands of times in hundreds of hospitals, health systems and partner technologies, every day.

Where can you use automation in materials management?
  • Charges to cost centers
  • Contract monitoring, updating, vendor management
  • Single and multi-facility inventory control
  • Routine and ad hoc reporting
  • Data migration and integration
  • Purchase, logistics, and purchase order processing

Focus on processes with the following challenges:

  • Data demands on staff are heavy with numerous, repetitive steps to manage
  • Frequently requires data to be manually transferred to another system
  • Executed through older, under-performing IT systems
  • Data running slowly or inconsistently within or between systems and databases

We’ll help you identify data issues, reduce complexities, and rework processes to speed integration and reduce cost. By continually integrating automation as a solution, a wider variety of tasks, units, and stakeholders will benefit.

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