Leaders in EHR Migration For Hospitals, Health Systems and other Provider Organizations

Our exclusive focus in healthcare enables us to immediately provide hospitals, health systems and our partners with precise results.  EHR migration (also referred to as EHR conversion, EMR migration, EMR conversion, EHR transition or EMR transition) requires this to stay on schedule, remain within budget and deliver the clinical, financial and technical value needed which includes legacy system decommissioning.  Our EHR project management and EHR implementation experience spans an array of healthcare information system environments.

Healthcare provider organizations do not have to settle for only the base essential data from the incumbent EHR platform which provides medical professionals and other stakeholders with the bare minimum to work with.  Our customers benefit from us accurately and quickly migrating tens-of-thousands of patient records encompassing multiple data fields into their new EHR environment and reducing data burden on medical professionals and administrative staff.  We enable them to achieve the goals they outline in their EHR project charter.

Ongoing industry changes drive healthcare provider organizations to undergo EHR data migrations:

  • Competition Between EHR / EMR System Companies
  • Data Integration Initiatives / Silo Reduction
  • Consolidation, Hospital / Health System Mergers And Acquisitions
  • New Standards, Regulatory Requirements
  • Software / Hardware Upgrades; Replacement Of Obsolete Healthcare Information Systems

“RPA drives 5 million patient record EHR migration success”

Our automation software / bots and EHR data migration experience is unparalleled in healthcare; it spans an array of successful EHR / EMR  data migration projects:

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Active Data Quality (ADQ) for EHR Data Migrations

Active Data Quality (ADQ) is a service provided by Boston Software Systems to accelerate and enhance EHR migration.  ADQ enables hospitals, health systems, large healthcare provider organizations and our partners to smoothly execute simple or complex EHR migration initiatives.

Health systems contract with Boston Software Systems for ADQ service to standardize their EHR data migration process, support staff requirements, remove patient safety risk and assertively meet future data availability needs.  ADQ is a digitized workforce dedicated to EHR project management.

The ADQ Process:

A Boston Software Systems ADQ team facilitates:

  • Assessment of data conversion needs
  • Statement of Work (SOWs) is provided for each conversion
  • Logic / reporting needs repeatedly tested and reviewed
  • Data repeatedly run in test environment to assure 100% accuracy
  • Migration to production EHR transition
  • Output reports providing progress monitoring
  • New EHR system going live

Our EHR data migration capabilities encompass these and other ambulatory or in-patient data sets:

  • Active problems
  • Allergies
  • Future appointments
  • Health Maintenance Information, examples:
    • Colonoscopy
    • Depression screening
    • Diabetic foot exam
    • Fall risk screening
    • Retinal eye exam
  • Historical MEDs
  • Historical patient data
  • Immunizations
  • Insurance information
  • Medical / surgical history
  • Preferred pharmacy providers
  • Surgical history
  • Vitals
  • Extended demographics
  • Registrations

Our automation technology / bots and services empowers customers to accurately, quickly deploy intelligent RPA solutions:

  • Execute Simple Or Complex Data Workflows Via Automated Processes Based On A Timeline
  • Accelerate Realization Of New Technical Capabilities, Improved Performance
  • Data Extraction, Data Validation, Data Optimization For Migration
  • Generate Exception Reports Profiling Data Needing Remediation
  • Retire Legacy EHR Systems To Lower Costs, Improve HIPAA / PHI Security
  • Establish A User Friendly Archive If Required
  • Keep Project Within Budget And On Schedule
  • Maximize digitization, minimize risk

EHR system decommissioning is a strategic element in gaining maximum value from EHR data migration initiatives.

Decommissioning of legacy EHR systems accomplishes several strategic goals:

  • Fully commits organization to new, updated primary EHR system
  • Enhances organizational productivity as clinicians, administration, IT and operations no longer toggle between sources of EHR data
  • Reduces cost, complexity for IT as one less EHR system needs maintainance
  • Improves privacy / security with updated technology, removal of excess data access points
  • Simplifies change, growth and upgrades moving forward as one less system needs to be accounted for in future technology initiatives

Boston Software Systems understands legacy EHR system decommissioning; it collaborates with clients to establish a plan so key considerations are accounted for:

  • Profiling what data needs to be preserved / archived and where it will reside
  • Identifying step-by-step processes to be executed from start to finish in each phase of decommissioning process
  • Facilitating data extractions, data transfers, key actions leading to shutdown
  • Applying solid validation / reporting aligned with clinical, administrative, technical and quality standards to confirm remaining data has been accurately accounted for and de-commissioning is 100% complete
  • Achieving cost and complexity reduction by thoroughly executing the EHR data migration and legacy system decommissioning exercise

No other RPA company has the experience Boston Software Systems has in executing EHR data migration in Allscripts, athenaHealth, Cerner, CPSI Centriq, ECW, Epic, Healthland Centriq, GE Centricity, Greenway, Horizona Patient Folder / HPF / McKesson, MedHost, Meditech, NextGen, Siemens as well as other EHR applications.  This includes niche focus EHR systems used in physician practices, ambulatory care, outpatient surgery, infusion centers / specialty pharmacy.

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