Prior Authorization

Providers and health plans can save $419M a year by automating the Prior Authorization process.

Save Staff Time

Automating the Prior Authorization process saved one healthcare organization one-third of their working hours spent solely on the Prior Authorization process.

Reduce Denials and Collections

Not only does the task move faster with automation, but Boston WorkStation also eliminates up to 98% of errors, which improves re-work queues, denial, and collection rates. And at a time when staffing shortages are high, and hospitals are struggling to meet ongoing financial burdens, automating this process addresses time, efficiency, and finances with a clear, affordable solution.

Achieve Your Best Performance
  • Save an average of 17-19+ minutes per Prior Authorization
  • Eliminate up to 98% of errors which result in denials & resubmissions.
  • Works between existing systems without disturbance to system architectures.
  • No need for human monitoring.

No other vendor has a healthcare-only focus with 35 years of proven success in the field. Boston Software Systems receives daily, consistent, 5-star support reviews. Our demonstrated leadership, outstanding performance, and successful technology partnerships are unparalleled. We look forward to automating your healthcare finance challenges, making it easier for you to focus on patients, not paperwork.

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