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Relying on a manual process to improve healthcare inefficiencies just isn’t an effective use of time or people. Automation solves productivity drains in the revenue cycle, by checking for errors, completing manual tasks, addressing quality control gaps, and reducing the cost to collect. Most of our solutions are developed and deployed in under 60 days.

Customer savings with automation:
  • Saved 180 hours per month and $20 million in failed claims re-submissions.
  • Recovered $2 million per year in Emergency Department billing.
  • Saved 10 hours per day and $1.2 million per year by automating crossover claims processing.
  • Saved 15 FTEs and $450,000 per year in claims submissions.
  • Reduced claims and eligibility processing time by 83%. Managed tasks 95% faster.

Revenue Cycle Automation is perfectly suited for:
  • Benefit and Eligibility Checks
  • Prior Authorization Management
  • Vendor Contract Management / Contractual Analysis
  • Collections / Payment Processing / Write-offs / Adjustments

Boston Software Systems runs thousands of revenue cycle automations every day in hundreds of hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations, saving time, saving money, and increasing staff productivity.

Simplify revenue cycle management and #bridgethegaps left by your current vendor, or process. Boost revenue, increase productivity, and eliminate tedious tasking, with Boston Software Systems' revenue cycle management solution.

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