Leaders in Workflow Automation For Hospitals, Health Systems, and Provider Organizations

Workflow Automation Isn't About Creating Robots to Replace Humans, It's About Empowering People So They Can Turn Their Focus to Patients Rather Than Paperwork


Boston Software Systems is the leader in healthcare-specific automations. For 30 years, we’ve been adding a secure, digital workforce in hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations, reducing task process efforts by more than 50% within a matter of weeks. Automation offloads administrative tasks without the overwhelming human burden of sorting through multiple systems, silos, and applications. This frees up staff for more important work.

The power of healthcare automation is in the ability to work behind the scenes. Automation can work between multiple systems, the internet, applications, databases, and more, allowing clinicians and staff to filter out time-consuming, manual tasks like checking disparate data silos for information, searching for missing documentation, and making corrections to improve efficiencies. Remove the overwhelming burden of redundant, manual data input, constant monitoring, and maintenance. Free up time, so you (and your staff) can focus on more meaningful, patient-focused work.

Intelligent automation (IA) projects have arrived in healthcare. Implemented quickly, usually within 60 days, automation generates an extraordinary amount of value for hospitals and health systems. Tailored to the needs of any department, it optimizes the use of personnel and equipment, saving money, providing 100% accuracy, and providing a quick ROI.

Healthcare automation is perfect to:
  • Migrate data from disparate legacy systems to the new EHR/EMR system
  • Improve regulatory compliance and risk mitigation
  • Reduce days in A/R, improve revenue cycle health
  • Eliminate manual collecting, compiling, sorting, and summarizing of data
  • Analyze performance and quality gaps
  • Improve user satisfaction, reduce administrative data burden
We’ll walk you through the benefits. We’ve successfully implemented thousands of healthcare application automations for thousands of hospital and health system clients and technology partners. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen, or any EHR/EMR system we haven’t worked with.

We're happy to schedule a demo to showcase our solution, contact us and one of our workflow automation experts will reach out as soon as possible.

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