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By focusing on the differentiated needs of plans and providers, Deloitte’s US Consulting practice helps clients transform uncertainty into possibility, and rapid change into lasting progress.

Boston Software Systems’ healthcare automation platform is tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Automation bridges the gaps left by vendors and the lack of interoperability by payers. As profit margins thin, automation allows hospitals to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing cost.

The Contract Variances workflow automation launches and logs into Cerner Discern Analytics and runs a custom report for a set of payers for specific facilities, a specific date range, and CPT codes.

The automation connects to a centrally-maintained fee schedule database, runs a query for records for the set of CPT codes, and holds those records in memory. For each record in the report, the automation automatically inserts the allowed, adjusted, expected, as well as any additional notes from the database or via calculations, so the data can be quickly and easily reviewed. Now an automation effortlessly runs in the background, with no intrusion on human staff.

It took someone hours to pull these reports and manually compare and do the calculations. The burden was placed on the healthcare organization and their staff. Now, it runs in the background, with no additional constraint of time or effort. Automation does the heavy lifting of the data so the healthcare team can act on the insights.

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