Epic Software Systems for EHR and EMR Conversion, Migration and Implementation Automation

From the beginning, Boston Software Systems has provided universal connectivity for all EHR / EMR healthcare information systems including Epic Systems.

This successful experience demonstrates how our exclusive focus in healthcare enables us to immediately collaborate with hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations throughout their Epic healthcare data migration projects and other data management initiatives.

Epic healthcare data migration

Clinicians including doctors, nurses and pharmacists plus other staff members are overworked with time wasting manual data tasks; our healthcare automation software, solutions and services resolve this issue. Patient care and organizational productivity increases while cost and complexity decreases. We work with clients so they achieve maximum convenience, performance and value in their Epic system investments.

Epic clients gain ongoing, strategic advantages from our pure concentration in healthcare. We have a deeply established understanding of HIPAA, PHI and other data privacy and security regulations, which other RPA bot vendors do not possess. Our organization can successfully accomplish your Epic healthcare data initiative with a minimum of risk based on our experience with these rigid and consequential standards and rules.

Our healthcare RPA technology, platform migration experience and EHR / EMR optimization knowledge enables Epic clients to avoid manually handling massive amounts of data that would require additional staff, financial and technical resources.

Working in all Epic environments, including Hyperspace, our healthcare automation platforms ensure organizations new to Epic Systems experience a smooth EHR implementation by accurately migrating patient data from both established and unstructured or free text fields of discreet data found for patient histories, scheduling or registration.

Based on our ability to strategically orchestrate Epic migration exercises, our customers benefit from having tens-of-thousands of complete patient records and other information precisely transferred in a matter of days ----improving user satisfaction, reducing expenses and resolving the issue of medical and administrative staff burnout from data management overload.

Whether you are planning an Epic EHR implementation or have been using Epic Systems for some time, you’ll find our robotic process automation (RPA) software solutions and services assertively enable you to:

  • Gain access to all data you need to deliver optimal patient care on day one of your implementation
  • Assure your EHR implementation schedule is on time and under budget by automating the heavy lifting
  • Drive performance and adoption of the new system by making all data available in the new environment
  • Eliminate risk by aligning with all HIPAA, PHI and other data privacy and security requirements

In terms of healthcare provider organization consolidation trends across the industry, this is a paramount consideration for hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations undergoing mergers and acquisitions.

Boston Software Systems and its healthcare information system experience enable it to facilitate EHR migration and data integration at this critical juncture; completing data projects on time, within budget while maintaining complete functionality and security.

Our exclusive focus establishes Boston Software Systems as the high performance standard in healthcare RPA. Contact us to discover how our healthcare RPA bots technology, solutions and services enables you to accomplish successful Epic EHR / EMR migration projects for your hospital, health system or healthcare provider organization. We empower our clients to achieve higher levels of patient care at less cost.

By implementing the Automated Migration Platform from Boston Software Systems for our four hospital go lives, we are positioned for success in our appointment conversions for radiology, cardiology, and OR. It allows us to save a ridiculous amount of FTE overtime and temp costs while increasing the accuracy far beyond human capability.

– Doug Tabor, Yale New Haven Hospital