GE Healthcare: Workflow Optimization and Data Entry Automation using Healthcare-Focused RPA Software Solutions

As leading providers of clinical, IT, and physician’s office systems, GE Centricity Healthcare and earlier IDX systems require direct, mission-critical connections to applications and systems throughout hospitals and health systems.

Boston Software Systems enriches those connections by optimizing the flow of healthcare data and information; allowing doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other clinicians to improve patient care with immediate access to EHR / hospital records and other clinical data.

GE Healthcare workflow optimization

With extensive experience automating workflow with GE Centricity and other GE systems, Boston WorkStation is being used to integrate medical departments, units, floors, hospitals and entire health systems; accelerating and optimizing data processes which opens wide spans of clinical and administrative staff time to focus on more productive, strategic initiatives.

To reduce reliance on short-term, independent developers writing complex and unwieldy custom programs, GE Centricity customers have turned to Boston WorkStation as a cost-effective, powerful and efficient solution to their data integration and data entry automation needs.

If you're planning a GE migration, watch this presentation by Kathleen Kostowny, an experienced project management and EHR consultant, as she shares how one healthcare organization overcame various challenges faced during their GE Centricity migration.

Our clients quickly, successfully achieve their goals based on our pure healthcare focus. It encompasses EHR / EMR migration and optimization, legacy systems decommissioning, managed care / payer reimbursement processes, materials management, CCD data and a broad span of other applications.

Based on our ability to strategically orchestrate GE Centricity migration and data integration exercises, our customers benefit from having tens-of-thousands of complete patient records and other information precisely transferred in a matter of days ----improving user satisfaction, cutting costs and reducing medical and administrative staff burnout from data management burden.

Another advantage of our exclusive center of attention on healthcare is our knowledge of HIPAA, PHI and other data privacy and security standards. No other RPA company has our level of experience in healthcare or our knowledge of these stringent rules and regulations, which means we help all stakeholders minimize risks.

Every day, our robotic process automation (RPA) solutions engineered exclusively for healthcare accurately perform multiple simple and complex manual tasks aligned with medical, administrative, accounting / financial, purchasing, inventory / materials management, operations, IT and other data performance needs. We help our customers save tens of thousands of FTE hours annually to meet their care and cost goals.

Contact us to learn how RPA enables healthcare clinician and administrative staff to maximize data performance -- empowering them to provide higher levels of care for patients with reduced costs. When it comes down to patients, clinicians, hospitals, health systems, and payers, Boston Software Systems is the High Performance Standard in Healthcare Robotic Process Automation.