EHR Software Integration
with athenaHealth

While web or cloud-based platforms like athenaHealth’s athenaNet solve many IT challenges, users need to integrate with other applications, data and workflows. Automating the upload or interaction with web-based applications saves time, reduces clinical and administrative burden, and increases accuracy.

Boston Software Systems’ healthcare automation platform is tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our clients move patient data from other systems into athenaClinicals and perform daily tasks within the patient revenue cycle to athenaCollector including:

  • Small balance write-offs
  • Cash posting
  • Charge entry
  • Writing accounts to bad debt

Based on our ability to successfully complete athenaHealth migration projects, our customers benefit from having tens-of-thousands of complete patient records and other information precisely transferred in a matter of days ----improving user satisfaction, reducing expenses and resolving the issue of clinical and administrative burnout from data management overload.

We have the experience and technology to facilitate the EHR migration between organizations and facilities. Clinical and administrative staff benefit from unified, high performing data opimization and availability.

Contact us to discover how our healthcare automation solutions are used in hospitals, health systems and provider organizations. All recognize Boston Software Systems as the High Performance Standard in Healthcare Automation.

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