Our integration strategy relies on web services or HL7. Don't all the major EHR/HIS system vendors use web services and HL7 for integration and interoperability? Why would we need to use Boston Software System's healthcare automation software?

The reality is, support for web services is in its infancy and the available API’s are quite limited. HL7 has been a standard for over two decades but there are still large gaps between workflow needs and transaction availability/applicability. This is not surprising given the rapid changes in the industry today, ranging from the data and workflow requirements of meaningful use, implementation of HIPAA 5010 transactions, movement towards ACO reimbursement and ICD-10. Standards have and will always lag behind workflow. This leaves interoperability data gaps and as a result, these gaps are why your organization needs our healthcare automation software. Finally, even if an applicable vendor provided interface exists, it’s rarely free and/or usable on your timeframe. We frequently see costs that start in the five figures and with implementation times stretching beyond one year. With Boston Software Systems, you control the integration timeline and cost structure to your customers.

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