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Now more than ever, we need transformative products in healthcare. There’s a huge disconnect, however, because healthcare doesn’t optimize workflows. Instead, healthcare forces workers to toggle between disparate systems, hunting for the right information, then copying, pasting, and manipulating it into the right system.

It’s click and type all day long. Boston Software Systems’ automation solutions empower human workers, as a digital ally, working alongside humans and completing tedious tasks that are better accomplished by a robot.

The Value is Measurable

Reduce the costly errors and delays associated with manual data input. Facilitate simple or complex ad-hoc or standard reporting capabilities. Drive organizational efficiency and performance 24/7/365 regardless of staff levels, location, or workflow. Migrate all the data you need for EHR/EMR/Kiosk data migrations. Bridge the gaps left by vendors and increase user satisfaction.

“Thanks to all for the help. Once again you set the bar that very few of our partner vendors can meet. It is much appreciated.”

C. CotaITS Manager
We Provide Healthcare Automation Solutions

We provide healthcare automation software solutions to thousands of healthcare provider organizations worldwide so they can achieve their clinical, financial, operational, and technical goals. High-performance data empowers clinicians so they can concentrate on patient care. In today’s times, with today’s constraints, it’s important to achieve administrative, operational, and financial goals more efficiently, and effectively.

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Clinicians and administrative staff spend too much time on data management. Having a digital ally reduces burnout, speeds money to the revenue cycle, and improves organizational productivity.

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation)

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) is a feature-rich healthcare automation engine that automates thousands of common, repetitive, and manual tasks within and across facilities, hospitals, health systems, and provider organizations. This digital ally helps staff and providers #bridgethegaps left by system vendors who don't deliver on interoperability claims, leaving providers and staff struggling to complete time-consuming, manual workflows. Simple or complex processes are mapped and executed with high-speed precision and accuracy.

LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation) accelerates projects, outperforming hundreds of other RPA vendors, with solid 5-star reviews.

Productivity Dashboard

Managing the growing volume of data that managers are tasked with processing on a daily basis has been historically difficult for hospitals and health systems. With remote work currently a “new normal” for departments that were previously not working remotely, it’s even more difficult to monitor, manage, and maintain organizational performance.

Work smarter, not harder. Unlock the true potential of healthcare with a digital workforce.

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