Siemens Healthcare RPA Software Services Enhance Data Performance

Siemens Healthcare, one of the foremost hospital systems providers, partners with Boston Software Systems to ensure universal connectivity and interoperability.

Siemens EHR (acquired by Cerner) customers find our healthcare robotic process automation (RPA) technology helps them by automating data uploads or integrating data from any third-party application to all Siemens applications including Soarian Clinicals and Soarian Financials.

Reducing reliance on short-term third-party developers to write unwieldy custom programs, Cerner / Siemens hospitals take advantage of the healthcare RPA software services and resources offered by Boston Software Systems. We are a cost-effective, powerful and efficient source of solutions to their healthcare data performance improvement needs.

Cerner / Siemens customers accurately automate complex upgrades and routine tasks such as verifying insurance coverage and updating payment records using Boston WorkStation. Based on their strategic use of our healthcare RPA technology, they use less clinical, administrative, financial and technical resources. This saves thousands of FTE hours annually and enables clinicians and healthcare business professionals to provide higher levels of care at less cost.

Cerner / Siemens Healthcare hospital and health system customers directly benefit from our exclusive focus in healthcare. Our long-term experience in developing healthcare revenue cycle management / payer reimbursement, materials management, appointments / scheduling, reporting, IT, operations, EHR migration and other healthcare IT solutions is an important asset to these organizations.

Another strategic advantage they gain from our pure focus in healthcare is our deep knowledge of HIPAA, PHI and other data security / privacy regulations which other RPA companies do not possess. This empowers our clients to assertively and successfully complete their healthcare data management initiatives with less risk.

Based on our ability to precisely manage Cerner / Siemens EHR migration and data integration projects, our customers benefit from having tens-of-thousands of complete patient records and other data precisely transferred in a matter of days.  This results in  improved user satisfaction, cost elimination and resolves the problem of medical and administrative staff data management overload that results in fatigue.

Consolidation of healthcare provider organizations continues and this is a strategic consideration for hospitals and health systems undergoing mergers and acquisitions.

We have the experience and RPA technology to facilitate the EHR migration / data integration between organizations and facilities to speed the post merger / acquisition process.  Medical and administrative staff move forward with unified, high performing healthcare information and other data resources which cost less to operate and provide personnel with greater user satisfaction.

Contact us to learn more about using our healthcare RPA solutions in your Cerner / Siemens environment. Our pure focus and innovative solutions establishes Boston Software Systems as the High Performance Standard in Healthcare RPA.