Siemens Healthcare Services
Enhance Data Performance with Automation

Siemens Healthcare, One of the Foremost Hospital Systems and Provider Networks, Partners with Boston Software Systems to Ensure Universal Connectivity and Interoperability.

Siemens EHR (acquired by Cerner) customers find our healthcare automation technology enables them to automate data uploads or integrate data from third-party applications to all Siemens applications including Soarian Clinicals and Soarian Financials.

Reducing reliance on short-term third-party developers, Cerner / Siemens hospitals take advantage of the software services and resources offered by Boston Software Systems. We are a cost-effective, powerful and efficient suite of solutions for their data performance improvement initiatives.

Cerner / Siemens customers accurately automate complex upgrades and routine tasks such as verifying insurance coverage and updating payment records using LGI RPA (formerly Boston WorkStation). Based on their strategic use of our healthcare technology, they use less clinical, administrative, financial and technical resources. This saves thousands of FTE hours annually and enables clinicians and healthcare business professionals to provide higher levels of care at far less cost.

Cerner / Siemens Healthcare hospital and health system customers directly benefit from our exclusive focus in healthcare. Our long-term experience in developing automation solutions and improving EHR data migrations is an important asset to these organizations.

Contact us to learn more about using our healthcare solutions in your Cerner / Siemens environment. Our pure focus and innovative solutions establishes Boston Software Systems as the High Performance Standard in Healthcare Automation.

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