Data Migration Initiatives
with Cerner

If you are planning a Cerner EHR implementation, you may have questions about using automation in the migration process. Our experience with Cerner and our broad knowledge of migration workflows removes the burden and risk of manually migrating data from legacy systems to the Cerner EHR. Cerner clients gain a pivotal advantage based on our extensive knowledge of the system, its constraints, and how to optimize project timelines.

From a process perspective, when administrative or clinical data is mass loaded into a new system, there is a significant opportunity for error. The cost of outsourcing this effort, or hiring additional FTE’s to complete a manual process, causes budget overruns and delays timelines. By automating the data migration, all of the data you need is available from day one of Go-Live, reducing errors, complexity, and increasing the focus on patient care.

A major healthcare organization in the United States used our solution to migrate clinical data. This migration allowed physicians and clinicians to easily access the right patient information, at the right time, in the right system, without the multiple logins and time drains associated with toggling between dual systems. We’ve completed many Cerner migration projects. Here’s just a few examples of the types of data included:

  • Medications
  • EKG Results
  • Allergies / ADR's
  • Medical / Surgical / Family histories & active problems
  • Immunizations & Vaccines
  • Medical notes
  • Diagnosis information
  • Labs / Pharmacy

Contact us to learn more about proactively managing your Cerner EHR migration and other Cerner healthcare data management initiatives. We empower our clients to provide higher levels of patient care at lower levels of complexity and cost.

"The automation migration platform from Boston Software Systems made it possible to quickly and accurately migrate our clinical documentation and our registration and scheduling system. This allowed us to decrease duplicate documentation, lessen productivity constraints and increase patient satisfaction by reducing time spent waiting for data."

Kathleen KostownyCerner Millennium Project Manager

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